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Poem with Avoidant-Borderline Personality Disorder and Self-Portrait with a Lit Cigarette, honey & lime (Forthcoming 2019)


To the Gnat Who Flew Into My Mouth, Storm of Blue Press (October 2019)


A Love Story, Or Not, Goliad Review (Forthcoming 2019)


New Beginnings Haibun, Pidgeonholes (Forthcoming 2019)

Nashville Man Accused of Assault with Biscuit and Thousands of Rare, Venomous Insects are Missing from the Philadelphia Insectarium, Affinity CoLab (July 2019)

Sunrise Pantoum with a Shrinking Sister, Lyrical Iowa (Forthcoming 2019)

Self Portrait in the Insectarium, The Threepenny Review (Forthcoming 2019)

Self Portrait after Polar Vortex, The Hopkins Review (Forthcoming 2019)

To the Woman Who Said I Was "Too Normal" For Therapy, Poetry Daily (reprint, March 2019)

Self Portrait in a Thunderstorm, SWWIM (January 2019)

Promise, Better than Starbucks

Self-Portrait as Judas and Promisepeculiar (Forthcoming 2019)

On BecomingPHEMME


Jump Rope Songs for the Supply Chain, Maine Pastor Seeks to Banned Books at Library's Banned Book Display, Rush Limbaugh Shares Fake Story about Sharks Flying, Kumari Trishna Shakya, Three-Year Old Living Goddess, NepalCollective Unrest (Forthcoming 2019)

Days of 2000Driftwood Press

Moses and Zipporah Attend a Roller Derby Game, Sport Literate (Spring 2019)

Fox News Remembers Aretha Franklin With Photo of Patti LaBelleNew Verse News

Transformation, Occulum

For the Child I Can't Unhear Crying, Poets Reading the News 

To the Baby Toad Who Lunged Under My Roller Skates at Ada Hayden Park and To the Woman Who Told Me I Was Too Normal for TherapyAnomaly Literary Journal (Fall 2018)

Bathsheba Wants to Write #metoo, Writers Resist

Kayaking in Okatoma, MS, Eunoia Review

For Rohingya Women, BONED 

Naming, On My Way Home From the East Coast, Only, In the Grocery Store Parking Lot, Notes on an Afternoon Train, Whereisacoustic*

The Woman on the Airplane with the Emotional Support Peacock and Don't Panic, Tuck Magazine

For Two Weeks, Farming in Peru and Grasshopper-Dying in PeruColdnoon

Doubting Thomas Volunteers at an Alabama Senate PollPoets Reading the News

First Fig and Take It From a Rufous-Collared SparrowDrunk Monkeys 

Ketoacidosis and Writing Around the Self, Jet Fuel Review

Observing Silence at the Baha'i House of Worship, Wilmette, IL, Green Blotter

The Teacup, The Motherland, and Memory: Age Six, The Rectangle (A Sigma Tau Delta publication)

Vashti, Badlands Review

Lotus, North Central Review

Breathless Autumn, Southword Journal Online

Essays, Interviews, and Reviews

Review of Heather Minette's Half-Light, {isacoustic*}

Guest Blog Post on the Transformative Power of Poetry, Trish Hopkinson's Poetry Blog

6 Ways to Improve Writing Productivity—And Quality, Writer's Digest Poetic Asides Blog

In Defense of Timely, Rather than Timeless, Poetry, The University of Arizona Poetry Center

Interview, Poetry Mini Interview Series

Review of Aimee Nezhukumatathil's "Oceanic", Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment

Review of Michelle Menting's "Leaves Surface Like Skin," Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment

Interview, Poetry and Creativity Blog